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Principal's Message


Dear Sorrick Families,

My first core value as an educator is to create a safe learning environment for all students. In today’s world, we hear about various topics such as bullying in schools and exposure to violence. The teachers and staff at Sorrick School believe in working together with parents to help ensure that core value #1 becomes a reality for all of our students.

During the month of October, National Bullying Prevention Month, we have many activities planned for students that centers on this theme. Please plan to have your child participate in the activities below and please know that we enlist your help in our quest for a bully-free school. As parents and caregivers, you are encouraged to seek opportunities to speak with your children about their social experiences in and out of school. When a child feels they have a trusting person with whom to confide, they are more likely to advocate for themselves and others. Likewise, children that have been taught by their families to treat others with kindness and respect are more likely to do so when on their own.

October 21: Unity Day- students in NPD117 and students across the nation will wear orange on this day to show support for a bully-free school and country. Classroom teachers will share a story entitled, Spookly the Square Pumpkin, which focuses on differences as strengths.

October 22: Sorrick students will be asked to take a Proud to be Bully-Free pledge while at school. The pledges will hang in the hallway as a reminder to treat others as we desire to be treated.

October 26: Ease the Tease- Imagination Theater will be visiting Sorrick School to present several skits to our kindergarten and first grade students about healthy and unhealthy teasing. They will also spend time going over teasing response skills and appropriate reaction choices.

It is our hope, that by focusing on bullying prevention during the month of October, we will give students the tools to understand bullying more clearly as well as learn how to respond appropriately to bullying should it happen. For more information regarding school bullying, please check out the NEA website regarding this topic:

Partners in Education,

Sara Olson