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Principal's Message


On Wednesday, 1/27 our students celebrated their 100th day of school.  The 100th day is a big deal here at Sorrick!

100 school days ago

-The office saw students with “stomach aches” and now children are upset if they need to go home early because they are sick.

-The classrooms, hallways and buses were silent as children were too shy to speak.  Now, we can not keep them quiet for more than a minute!

-Pre-K and Kindergarten students needed to be coaxed into school by their parents, and now they come running in, without so much as a kiss and a wave goodbye to those same parents.

-Hundreds of coats needed to be zipped each day for the children before recess…ok, some things never change!

But More Importantly

-Shy, quiet pre-k students now have new pre-k friends and are comfortable and trusting of the new adults in their lives.

-Pre-k students who could not even tell you their names can now not only tell you, but can also recognize their names in print and some are even beginning to write the letters in their names down on paper.

-Kindergarten students could barely recognize the letters of the alphabet, and now they are using invented spelling to write full sentences in their journals.

-Sounds for the letters of the alphabet sounded like a different language to the kindergarten students, and now they can tell you almost every sound for every letter.

-First grade teachers read many books to their students, and now first grade students read many books to their teachers.

-First grade students filled one line with words, and now they fill two pages with complete sentences.

So much has changed in 100 days, but I am excited because I feel that the best is yet to come!


Partners in Education,


Sara Olson

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