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Superintendent's Message

Jean Stachowiak


On behalf of the members of the Board of Education and staff, I would like to welcome you to the North Palos School District 117 web site.


It is our goal to share with you, our stakeholders, the most current and relevant information about our five schools and our district so you can make informed decisions about your child and his or her education.


We hope you had an enjoyable summer with family and friends, and are now as excited and passionate as we are for the new school year to begin. It’s a passion formed from success, and we, as an educational community, have experienced our share of success. But we’ve never been a school district that rests on its laurels.


We’re excited about implementing new curriculum, like Eureka Math, in an effort to continue challenging and preparing our young charges for bright futures. We’re passionate about the increased integration of technology, like the Chromebook initiative at Conrady Junior High School.


We’re constantly seeking to increase communication with our stakeholders, to help engage and inform them. We’re continually looking to improve the methods and systems we have in place and we are doing that by creating a culture where everyone is valued and everyone plays a part. Everyone’s input matters. We work as a team to get things done.


As enrollment continues increasing, we have addressed expansion issues in our elementary schools. We have begun renovation and repairs at Conrady and will continue improvements there over the next several years.


We are looking forward to another successful school year and welcome your feedback.


Thank you for visiting our web site.


Dr. Jeannie Stachowiak,

Superintendent of Schools



Through a dedicated commitment from students, parents, staff and the entire community, the mission of North Palos School District 117 is to create a positive, caring, learning environment, which fosters excellence and active student participation and to ensure that every student will realize his/her full potential as a socially responsible lifelong learner.


Visionary Leadership
Search for Possibilities

Learning Centered Education
Developing Professional Learning Communities
Organizational and Personal Learning
Creates a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Managing for Innovation
Model and Monitor what is Important

Systems Perspective
Find Ways Around Obstacles

Management by Fact
Find what is Working

Focus on the Future
Believe that Solutions Exist

Public Responsibility and Citizenship
Be the Best for the World

Realize that Change is a Possibility

Focus on Results and Creating Value
Broaden Your Definition of Winning

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