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Superintendent's Message

Jean Stachowiak



To the Members of the North Palos District 117 Learning Community:

Hard to believe fall is already upon us and with it comes the requisite changes in temperature and clothing selection. Football and pumpkin-carving are replacing picnics and pools as the hobbies of the day. From an educational perspective, we're reminded just how important our roles are in making sure all of our students continue to grow academically while continuing to receive the best educations possible. 

We're confident we can continue our goal of providing outstanding educations for all students through excellent teaching and strong supports (both teachers who continually challenge their students and parents who reinforce that learning at home) that contribute to student growth. And the emphasis on student growth will ensure that we continue to improve the academic performance of our highest-achieving students as well.

 On a personal note, I am so proud to serve as the superintendent of this incredible school district. Everyone here, all 400-plus employees, play an important role in our success. From the bus drivers that take such great care in getting our students to school safely and on time, to the teachers who truly care about the young charges they are educating and everyone in between, we work as a team to ensure the success of this district. I am so proud of each and every person in this educational family we call North Palos School District 117.


Yours in education,

Jeannie Stachowiak, Ed.D.





Through a dedicated commitment from students, parents, staff and the entire community, the mission of North Palos School District 117 is to create a positive, caring, learning environment, which fosters excellence and active student participation and to ensure that every student will realize his/her full potential as a socially responsible lifelong learner.


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