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Superintendent's Message

 Jean Stachowiak


Superintendent's Update


NPD117 Awards and Recognition

The 2014-15 school year continues to be a successful one for the NPD117 Learning Community. The district’s Pre-Kindergarten programs have been awarded the Silver and Gold Circle of Excellence Awards (Dorn and Sorrick Schools). Conrady Junior High School has been awarded the National Title I Award and representatives from the district have been invited to the Illinois State Board of Education meeting (Springfield, December 2014), the State Conference (Chicago, February 2015) and the National Conference (Salt Lake City, UT, February 2015) to receive the award and/or share our roadmap for success.


Senate Bill 16 (SB16)

SB16 has been reintroduced as Senate Bill 1 (SB1). Currently, it is a “shell bill” which means it is being drafted and will reflect various amendments and suggestions made by concerned citizens, legislators, and educators. We will continue to monitor the bill and work to ensure our voice is heard and our concerns are addressed. Thank you all who have taken the time to learn more about the bill and contact legislators about your concerns. Special thanks to one of our hard working and dedicated NPD117 parents and district volunteers, Mrs. Debbie Chafee. Debbie Chafee led a grassroots’ awareness campaign and, through her EDGE website, was able to communicate the potential concerns and possible solutions to communities throughout our state. The EDGE website will continue to share important information regarding the new bill (SB1), and we encourage everyone to keep informed, ask questions, and contact legislators as needed. Thank you everyone and especially Debbie Chafee!


The PARCC Assessments

Our staff and students are preparing for the upcoming PARCC assessment. PARCC assesses the new Illinois Learning Standards in ELA (English/Language Arts) and Mathematics which are the cornerstones of our district’s curriculum. Therefore, when our students take the PARCC assessment, they will encounter material they have actually learned. However, what is expected of our students in the classroom, on our district assessments, and the PARCC assessment is more challenging than the material most have encountered in the past. Our standards have been raised, our curriculum is more rigorous, and our expectations continue to be high. But, we know our students are up to the challenge. When taking the PARCC assessment, students will not only answer questions but will be asked to apply their knowledge. This application piece requires more critical thinking and is one of the bigger instructional and assessment shifts in our teaching and in their learning. NPD117 is offering informational meetings for parents who are interested in learning more about the Illinois Learning Standards and the PARCC assessment. I would like to thank those of you who have already attended one of these informational meetings. During these meetings, parents asked how they can best prepare their Grades 3-8 children for the new assessment. Rest, healthy breakfast/lunch, and your support about their abilities and the importance of trying their best are all easy and effective ways to stress the importance of the assessment while also relieving some of the stress the children may be feeling. As a community, please feel confident that the students are learning and being assessed in a similar way in the classrooms so none of this is completely new to the children. As always, thank you for your support as we work hard to prepare the children of NPD117 for their futures.



We strive to keep our community informed about what is happening throughout the district. We utilize several forms of communication to share our good news and important information with all of you. Please continue to visit our district and building websites and Facebook pages. Watch for an electronic, parent survey that will be made available. And, as always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Yours in education,

Jeannie Stachowiak, Ed. D.



Through a dedicated commitment from students, parents, staff and the entire community, the mission of North Palos School District 117 is to create a positive, caring, learning environment, which fosters excellence and active student participation and to ensure that every student will realize his/her full potential as a socially responsible lifelong learner.


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