• Welcome to Pegler's Pals Place

    I’m Kathy Pegler and I am a teacher here at Dorn School.  I’d like to welcome both your child and you to our classroom.  Our classroom is Room 1 located at Dorn School, 7840 W. 92nd Street in Hickory Hills. 

    There are three ways to contact me at school:  
    The phone number for our classroom is (708) 233-5620. 
    You can leave a voice message during school hours and I will return your phone call.

    If you need to contact me for an emergency, the office number is 708-598-5509.  You can also e-mail me: please just click on this link Ms Pegler
    I check my e-mail once a day. Please feel free to call me at school if you have any questions or concern.
    This is a link to our Parent Handbook where you can find much of the information that you will need about our classroom  Parent Handbook

    I am honored to work with three other professionals within our classroom everyday:  Violet Senese,Tracy Murphy, and Thaney Salah
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