• Dojo

    2A Classroom Behavioral Plan

    This year we will be using a program called Class Dojo to monitor student behaviors. Your child will be rewarded for positive behaviors seen within the classroom by receiving point for his/her avatar on Class Dojo. Points will also be deducted for not following classroom expectations. The points will allow them to earn minutes for Fun Friday, along with monthly VIP activities. 


    1. Listen carefully

    2. Follow directions the first time

    3. Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.

    4. Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.

    5. Respect school and personal property.

    6. Work and play safely.



    1. Loss of points on Class Dojo

    2. Verbal warning

    3. Phone call home

    4. Conference with the principal


    Reward for good behavior:

    1. Points added on Class Dojo

    2. Fun Friday 

    3. Monthly VIP activities