• When does band begin?

    Posted by: Mrs. Iwinski

    5th Grade beginning band will begin during the month of September. Informational meetings and instrument try outs will happen before band begins.

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  • When do early morning rehearsals begin?

    Posted by: Mrs. Iwinski

    Early morning rehearsals will begin in early October. During the month of September, we are busy working on basics and fundementals of our instruments.

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  • How do I choose an instrument?

    Posted by: Mrs. Iwinski

    We will be holding instrument tryouts during the first weeks of school. Students will work with professionals to help select the perfect instrument! 

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  • Can we buy a used instrument?

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    Can we purchase a used instrument?  Instruments can be purchased out-right either new or used.  If you wish to purchase an instrument from another source (such as a newspaper ad, etc.) please consult with the band directors before purchasing.  PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE INSTRUMENTS FROM LOCAL DEPARTMENT STORES (i.e.: Sam’s Club, Walmart, Kmart, JCPenney’s, etc.)  We have experienced many problems with inferior quality instruments.  In some cases, parents have purchased what was thought to be a “bargain,” only to find out that reputable repair shops will not repair these instruments.  


    The following is a list of recommended brand names for each instrument:

    FLUTE:  Gemeinhardt, Artley, Armstrong, Yamaha, Bundy, Selmer

    OBOE:  Fox, Selmer, Buffet, Yamaha

    CLARINET:  Yamaha, Selmer, Buffet, Vito, Signet, LeBlanc, Normandy, Armstrong, Bundy

    ALTO SAXOPHONE:  Selmer, Yamaha, Conn, Bundy, Jupiter

    TRUMPET:  Bach, Yamaha, Conn, King, Benge, Besson, Blessing, Bundy, Selmer

    HORN:  Holton, Conn, Yamaha, King, Jupiter,

    TROMBONE:  Bach, Yamaha, Conn, King, Benge, Getzen, Blessing, Bundy, Selmer, Holton

    BARITONE:  Bach, Yamaha, Conn, King, Benge, Getzen, Blessing, Bundy, Selmer, Holton,

    TUBA: Bach, Yamaha, Conn, King, Benge, Getzen, Blessing, Bundy, Selmer, Holton

    PERCUSSION:Yamaha, Ludwig, Musser or Pearl Students will need a Bell Kit and a Practice Pad.

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