Respectful- Raise your hand when you would like to speak

    On Task- Complete homework and classroom assignments 

    Act Safe- Keep your hands to yourself

    Responsible- Chromebook is properly charged







    Partner Work



    Listen and pay attention while others are speaking.

    Enter class quietly.

    Clean up your area.

    Listen while partner is speaking.

    Use appropriate language.

    Be mindful of personal space.

    Wait to be dismissed.

    Keep a conversational voice level.


     On Task



    Follow directions the first time.

    Begin IRT activity.

    Follow directions for packing up materials.

    Stay focused on task.

    Use directed computer websites.

    First person in passes out folders.

    Collect folders and return to bin.

    Keep discussions related to assignment.



     Act Safe




    Obtain permission to speak or get out of your seat.

    Take your seat immediately.

    Push chair under your desk.

    Move desks when instructed.

    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    Keep aisle clear and place materials under your seat.

    Walk out of room single file.

    Remain in your designated seats.


    Arrive to class on time with Chromebook charged.

    Place materials on desk.

    Return classroom materials.

    Share/divide up the assigned task.

    Begin classwork promptly.

    Begin reading silently.

    Take all your belongings.

    Complete your part of task.



    Classroom Procedures

    Entering the Classroom:

    • Use the restroom before coming to class.
    • Line up outside the door until the teacher is present.
    • Enter the classroom quietly.  
    • Begin IRT (independent reading time) activity promptly.

    Tardiness:  If you are not in the classroom when the bell rings and do not have an excused tardy pass, you are considered tardy.  Three tardies will result in an office referral. 

      Leaving the Classroom:

    • Students need to obtain permission to leave the classroom.
    • A student leaving the classroom will need the appropriate pass.  

    Students should use the washroom and obtain materials from their lockers during passing periods.

    Leaving your Seat:  Please raise your hand and wait for permission to leave your seat.  You are to obtain permission to throw out garbage in the trash can, sharpen your pencil, etc. 

    Asking for Assistance/Participating in Class:

    • To ask a question or obtain assistance during class, please raise your hand and wait quietly until you are called upon. 
    • To participate in discussions, please raise your hand and wait until you are called upon.

    Electronic Devices

      • You are responsible for bringing your charged Chromebook to class everyday.
      • You are to be on designated websites at all times.
    • Cell phone use is not allowed in the classroom.  Cell phones should not be visible and not heard.

    Food/Personal grooming products 

    • Please do not bring food, gum, or beverages into the classroom. 
    • Please do not bring perfume, cologne, or lotion into the class.
    • The above items should be left in your locker.


    • Please wait until you are dismissed by the teacher.
    • Please leave in single file order.