• 8th Grade Math 2018-2019

    Course Syllabus

    Ms. Dukes



    Ms. Dukes[email protected]

           Phone: (708) 598-5721

     (email is the best way to reach me)

    Supplies Needed for Class

    • 1 Composition Notebook
    • 10 Mechanical Pencils 
    • Dry erase markers (3 will be collected)
    • 1 Dry erase eraser  
    • Scoth Tape
    • Highlighter
    • Chromebook


    Grading Policy

    The following grading scale has been adopted by the Conrady Math Department:

    A = 100% – 93%      B = 92% – 86%   C = 85% – 78%   D = 77% – 70%    F = 69% & below

    • Grades start over at the beginning of every quarter.
    • In order to walk the stage for graduation, students must have a cumulative average of a 70% or higher for all four quarters. Each quarter is weighted the exact same (25%). If a student fails to obtain a cumulative average of 70% or greater in any class, he/she will not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.  
    • In order for students to be eligible for after-school activities and trips, they must maintain an average

    of 70% or higher on a weekly, quarterly, and cumulative basis.

    Grade Breakdown

    Homework/Classwork: 30%

    Quizzes: 30%

    Tests: 40%

    • Quizzes will be given periodically to review the discussed concepts.  Students will be notified within a few days of a quiz, unless it is a pop-quiz. If absent the day before a quiz, the expectation is that the student still completes the quiz upon return.
    • Tests will be given at the end of each unit (about 2 - 3 per quarter). There will be several days notice before each test. Unit reviews will be provided, however, a study guide will not be guaranteed. If absent the day before a test, the expectation is that the student still completes the test upon return.
    • Homework/Classwork consists of homework assignments as well as different

    class assignments. These include but are not limited to warm ups, exit slips, and other

    progress monitoring tools used by the teachers..


    Help  Sessions

    Lunch help or before school help  is offered upon request


    • Access from District Website:   www.npd117.net “Select a School” dropdown near top of page, select “Conrady Junior High” “Directory” Select math teacher   Schoology Link


    **On Schoology, you will be able to find links to notes and homework.

    This is a great tool for students when they are absent from class.

    Behavioral Expectations
    Students are expected to follow Conrady rules inside the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to being respectful to staff and students. Students are expected to come to class prepared with their supplies, homework completed, and ready to participate in class. The following is the chain of consequences for not following the classroom rules. This will restart weekly.

    1. Student will receive a verbal warning and or seat change for not following the class expectations.
    2. After receiving a second warning, the student will be asked to step outside in the hallway for a teacher-student conference about the behavior.
    3. After a third correction of the student’s behavior, the student will have a writing assignment that relates to the behavior and how to be a better member of the classroom.
    4. The fourth correction of the student’s behavior will result in a morning, lunch, or after school detention with the teacher. Parents will be contacted.
    5. The fifth correction of the student’s behavior will result in a referral to the dean.

    *** It is up to the professional discretion of the teacher to skip warnings and go straight to a writing assignment, detention or referral depending on the severity of the student’s behavior. The above serves as a guide for behavior discipline in the classroom.


    Program Goals:

    • Improve basic math concepts and skills
    • Improve understanding of math vocabulary
    • Target priority grade-appropriate math skills providing additional and varied practice opportunities
    • Improve math accuracy and fluency
    • Student growth on district MAP and state PARCC tests
    • Progress/Achievement individual student goals and objectives



    • As long as students are demonstrating learning, working hard, and retaining knowledge of math concepts and skills, there will be no regularly-assigned homework.