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Principal's Message


Welcome to Dorn School! 
Dorn is a pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade building
housing approximately 500 students.  Because we strictly work with students who are
3-7 years of age, we are able to gear all of our activities to that specific
age group, which makes Dorn an exciting and busy place to learn! 

We have high academic expectations for our students and it
is exciting to watch them grow from itty-bitty 3 year olds who are anxious to
begin their first school experience into confident 7 year olds who are writing
and reading fluently! 

It is important for small students to begin their formal learning
in a warm, nurturing environment-and that is what you will find Dorn School to

As a parent of three children myself, I realize how
difficult it is to send your children off to school for the first time. So, if you have any questions or concerns (no matter how silly you think they may be) at anytime during the school year, feel free to contact me. That is what I am here for!