Mrs. Darling



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Darling

In Life-Skills Educational Achievement Program we focus on the most important for our students abilities, like:

-Functional math skills: money, making a purchase, time telling, measurement, number operations, comparing quantities (less, more, equal)

-Functional Reading skills: knowledge of sight words, reading with purpose and understanding on highest possible level; reading comprehension; effective verbal communication


What life skills do we work on?

-personal information: name, spelling of first and last name, address, phone number, birthday (we repeat it daily)

-Writing or typing personal information

-Making simple phone calls

-Identifying community signs

-Doing laundry (we wash our own gym clothes)



Social Studies and Science

  • We use News2You and Unique Learning Curriculum where students learn basic facts about their environment and community
  • Part of each News2You unit is a recipe. Every other week we shop for ingredients and cook tasty treats:)
  • We reinforce our knowledge during community field trips

How do we make this program successful?

  • Token economy reinforcement system
  • ABA approach to learning (a lot of repetition, discrete trial teaching when student is always successful, frequent breaks) and to behaviors (ignore, redirect, reinforce)
  • Teaching responsibility by assigning weekly jobs and everyday homework
  • Setting high expectations (student needs to be as independent as possible, e.g. students learn how to independently log in to their chrome books, do their own laundry, prepare simple meal)


Practicing skills in real life:

  • Jaguar store – our students are active store assistants and have to take care of the customers from the moment they walk in, through purchases until they leave our store
  • Practicing money exchange during numerous field trips. This year we are planning field trips to: Jewel – biweekly to shop for our recipe ingredients plus monthly field trips to the : zoo, Lake Katherine, museum, bowling and golfing

What did we achieved last school year?

  • Taught students independently log in to their chrome books using visuals for their passwords
  • Had some of the students reading for the first time
  • Recorded significant decrease on disturbing behaviors
  • Created a friendly and nurturing environment where students come happy every day:)