• Future city is a nation-wide competition in which students form a team and work together to design a city that could exist 100+ years in the future. 

    Each year a new theme is chosen for teams to focus on. This year's theme is:

    "Powering Our Future! Teams will design a resilient power grid for their future city that can withstand and quickly recover from the impacts of a natural disaster."

    In order to participate in the competition, students need to complete the following:

    • Create a virtual city to practice city planning and learn some of the hidden challenges,
    • Write an essay describing the features of their city,
    • Plan and construct a model of their city made from recycled materials,
    • Design and present their city and its features to a panel of judges,
    • Create a project plan to guide and document their progress toward meeting their goals.

    The regional competition will be held in Chicago on January 19th, 2019. 

    Future City Official Website: FutureCity.org

    Check the calendar for meeting dates and times.