• How long will my student be in health class?

          You child will leave PE for a 12-week rotation (1 trimester) at some point during the school year.  At the  end of their assigned rotation, they will go back to their physical education class.

    Will my child be graded for PE during their time in health class?

         During your child's health rotation, they WILL NOT be held responsible for activities assigned           in physical education.

    Will my child get graded for health class?

          Yes. Each child recieves a grade in health, seperate from their physical education grade.                  Health grades will show up on the report card that follows their health rotation. 

          For example:  If your child is in the second health trimester, their grade will show up on the              third quater report card.  

    Will my child have homework for health class?

          Not necessarily.  All assignments will be completed during class.  If a student does not make            wise use of thier class time, they will be expected to finish the incomplete work at home and            return it the following day.