•  North Palos District 117 is pleased to be offering our Summer Learning Program again.  Students are invited to the program based on student learning data.
    Summer Bridge (Grades 3-7)
    This course is designed to give students additional instruction in the  Fast Track/Honors math curriculum. Students are recommended for the course based on student learning data.  Two groups of students are invited to attend, those that were enrolled in Honors or Fast Track during the school year and need additional support and students that may benefit from the course the following school year.  Data collected at the end of the course will be used for placement in the next school year. 
    Dates: June 10 - June 27 (Monday - Thursday)
    Location:  Glen Oaks Elementary School - 9045 S. 88th Avenue  - Hickory Hills
    Time: 9:00-12:00
    Reading and Math Program  (Grades K-2)
    This program will target reading and math skills.   Students are enrolled in this course based on student learning data. In this course students receive additional instruction in the following areas:
    • Reading comprehension
    • Fluency instruction
    • Writing
    • Word Study/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness
    • Math Facts/Fluency
    • Number Sense and Operations
    Dates July 15-August 1st (Monday - Thursday) 
    Location:  Dorn Elementary School  -7840 W. 92nd Street  -  Hickory Hills 
    Time: 9:00-12:00
    If your child received an invitation to enroll in the summer learning program, please register online with the link below:
    Summer School Registration Links: 
    Reading and Math Program  (Grades K-2) Registration: http://bit.ly/117ss2019
    Honors/Fast Track Summer Bridge (Grades 3-7) Registration: http://bit.ly/2019SummerBridge
    (please remember to select the correct program your child was invited to)
     *Students are enrolled in courses based on their current grade level.
    Families that indicated they would like to have their child ride the bus to and from summer school will be notified of their bus information the week of June 4th for the June program and the week of June 28th for the July program. Information will be mailed to the child's home.  All questions about busing should be directed to the Transportation Department at (708) 233-4562.
    Car Drop-Off and Pick-Up:  Dorn

    Arrival Information:  8:45-9:00

    All students should be dropped off at Door Number 2 during the times stated above.  You should pull your car as far as you can into one of the lanes, turn off your car, walk your child up to Door Number 2 and wait with your child until a staff members open the door.  

    Dismissal Information:  12:00-12:15

    You should pull your car as far as you can into one of the lanes, turn off your car, walk up to Door Number 2 with your card and your child will be dismissed.  Enclosed in this mailing includes a sign with your child’s name. This sign must be displayed by the parent or guardian collecting each child to be dismissed safely.  

    Car Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Glen Oaks
    If you will be driving your child to Glen Oaks, please bring your child to school between 8:45 and 8:55 a.m. Drop off your child at the crosswalk at the east end of the school property on the north side of 91st Street. We will station an adult there to help our students cross. Please DO NOT PARK ON 91ST Street in order to prevent congestion and traffic jams. Your child will then follow the sidewalk path to the back of the building. Driving into the parking lot is not allowed, as our school buses will be driving through the lot to drop off students. After 8:55 a.m., your child must be signed in or picked up by an adult at the front office on the west side of the building. 

    When picking up your child after school, please pull up on 91st Street (north or south) to allow the children to safely enter on the passenger side of your vehicle. Students who need to cross to the south side of 91st Street must cross with an adult – our crossing guard or yourself, if you so choose. Please exercise patience in waiting for cars to move on 91st Street in order to prevent accidents and to avoid being ticketed. Double parking or parking in posted “No Parking” (north side of 91st St. west of the crosswalk to 88th Ave. and south side of 91st St. between 88th Ave. and 87th Ct.) or yellow painted curb zones will result in a ticket from the Hickory Hills Police Department. Driving into the parking lot is not allowed, as our school buses will be driving through the lot to pick up students.
    U-turns are not allowed, and using a cell phone in a school zone is also illegal. 

    Student Dismissal 11:55 - 12:00 

    Reporting an Absence
    Please call 708-598-5743 and select the building your child's program is held at.