Criteria for Social Work Services

  • The social work team uses the following guidelines for implementing social work services. While many students benefit from social work services, those whose learning is adversely effected (though observable behaviors in the school setting) are given priority.

    Entrance criteria, adapted from IASSW (Illinois Association of School Social Workers), identifies "adverse impact" in the following ways, 1) lack of progress on IEP goals, 2) frequent violation of classroom behavior plan, office referrals, detention/suspensions, social isolation and attendance, 3) maladaptive social and emotional functioning that must be observable in the school setting, 4) identify specific needs for skill development that require related services and cannot be adequetely met within the specialized educational placement. Professional judgement of clinician may necessitate modification of these guidelines.

    Students are rated at Mild, Moderate and Severe levels. Please refer to the following guideline for examples:


    • Impairment minimally interferes with student's ability to attain and maintain appropriate level of social and academic progress
    • Concerns should be noted by at least one educator familiar to the student, in two different settings and with a duration of 1-2 month


    • Impairment interferes with student's social and academic functioning
    • Concerns are noted by two or more educators, in two or more different settings and for a duration of 2-6 months
    • Team has referred student to MTSS supports (Tier 2) and lower interventions have proved to be unsuccessful


    • Impairment chronically interferes with academic and social functioning
    • Conerns are noted by numerous educators and accross 3 or more settings typically for long periods of time- 6 months or more
    • Social work support in the severe range may reflect ongoing consultation between family/teachers and outside services collaboration


     Exit Criteria: Once a student is identified for services, progress should be monitored and services should be decreased and/or dismissed as skills are acquired and objectives are met in order to maintain the least restrictive environment.


    Important note: Students may need to be referred out for services when issues raised by teachers/parents do not have significantly adverse educational impact and when the identified is so extreme that more intensive specialized training is required. 


    Created by IASSW 8/2004

    Edited by NPD 117 Social Work team 5/2019