• Before school each day, students may come put their instrument in their band room locker.
    • During your band period come immediately to the band rehearsal, take your case out of your locker and unpack your instrument at the table. Take your instrument and music to your seat. You are expected to be in your seat and ready to play within two minutes of the late bell.
    • Check the board to see the agenda and what is needed for the day. Put your music in order.  Complete any before-class activities or begin warming up on your instrument. 
    • During class, be attentive and focused so you and others can learn. Make markings in your music as your director gives you corrections to make. Make sure you have a working PENCIL at all rehearsals. 
    • When dismissed at the end of rehearsal, properly clean your instrument, put instrument and music away.
    • At the end of the day, you must come to the band room to get your instrument for home practice. Instruments must go home from school.



    1. Be quiet when the teacher in on the podium and at all points while we are working. 
    2. Immediately stop playing when you see the conductor cut off.
    3. Be prepared. You must have your instrument, a pencil and all necessarily materials (valve oil, cork grease, reeds, etc). Being prepared means you are ready musically, physically, and mentally. 
    4. Be respectful and supportive. Band is a cooperative effort. You must show respect for your fellow band members.
    5. Take care of our instruments and our classroom. Care for your instrument, it is your most prized possession! Do not touch any instruments that do not belong to you. Make sure you put away all your materials when you leave the classroom. No gum, food, or drinks other than water are permitted in rehearsal, as they can damage our instruments.



    1. Points deducted from rehearsal skills grade.
    2. Parent contact.
    3. Referral to Dean and Detention.