• Our goal here at North Palos 117 School District is to provide your child with a positive learning environment while introducing them to a variety of lifetime activities and skills.  Our program focuses on developing your child mentally, physically, and socially.  We ultimately hope your child will develop an apprectiation for physical activity, and continue to be active for a lifetime and have fun while doing so.

    Rules: During your child's time spend in the physical education classroom, we must provide a SAFE and POSITIVE learning environment.  To help ensure this , our rules consists of:

    1. Respect (all classmates, teachers and equipment)
    2. Have health folder and assignments when requested by teacher
    3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
    4. Enter and leave the gym walking quietly
    5. Wear proper clothing (soft soled shoes, no jewelry, and appropriate clothing)
    6. Ask permission to leave gyms

    Participation in PE is expected unless excused by a note from parent or doctor. A doctor's note is required if longer than 2 days.