• Performances- 35%
    • Assessments- 30%
    • Rehearsal Skills- 25%
    • Assignments- 10%

    Performances are a culmination of daily rehearsals and class work and are REQUIRED Concerts are a unique musical experience, the value of which cannot be duplicated. It is essential that ALL students be present for each performance, as it is a “team” effort, and the absence of ANY student reduces the educational and enjoyment value for all. Please review the Band Calendar at the end of the handbook. 

    EXCUSED ABSENCE (which must be verified with a note from a parent/guardian) will result in a grade deduction until the student has completed a makeup assignment to restore their grade. Excused absences include the following:

    • Severe student illness
    • Death in the family
    • Family emergencies
    • Religious Holiday (director must be notified in advance)

    All other absences from a scheduled concert will be considered UNEXCUSED and will result in a deduction of grade that cannot be reversed. Students are required to notify their director regarding conflicts with other school activities as early as possible so that conversations will occur between director and the sponsor of the conflicting event. 

    Rehearsal Skills encompasses many required elements of being a musician and is a skill that all musicians must develop. Below are the main elements of musical citizenship:

    • Being prepared for rehearsal by practicing at home. Instruments should go home every day for practice. 
    • Having all of your required equipment and supplies each day. Equipment and supplies include instrument, music, pencil, band binder/folder, method books, and accessories (reeds, valve oil, sticks, neck straps, slide grease, etc.). 
    • Rehearsal etiquette, which is outlined in class procedures and rules. Students must be in their seat and ready to play 2 minutes after the bell rings, must refrain from talking while we are working, must be ready to play when asked, and must immediately stop playing after the cutoff.
    • Attendance at after school band and all required rehearsals

    Assessments will be given periodically throughout each quarter. The most common type of assessment students will have in band class is a playing assessment. This will usually consist of students recording one or more assigned excerpts from their fundamental studies or music. These recordings will be evaluated on a rubric which may include categories including general accuracy, tone, technique, rhythm, articulation, and musical expression. Another common for assessment will be written tests.