• Mrs. Staffel’s Academic Literacy Class


    Contact Information:  [email protected]



    • Read and annotate nonfiction and fiction closely and critically to enhance comprehension.
    • Integrate strategies to improve comprehension, fluency, and test-taking skills. 
    • Respond to reading through writing in various formats.
    • Understand the relationship between literary elements of character, setting, point of view, plot, and theme.
    • Recognize an author’s choice of words and figurative language to create tone and mood.
    • Understand the role of text structures to convey meaning and incorporate text structures in student writing.
    • Increase vocabulary by working with Greek and Latin word roots.
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue with peers.



    This course is designed to provide support to students in developing reading and writing skills.  Throughout the course, students will be engaging in reading activities focused on improving reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, reading fluency, and communication through verbal and written expression.  Improving these skills and strategies will help prepare students for high school and beyond.