• Unit 1 - Digital Citizenship

    Essential Questions:

    What is a digital footprint, and what does yours convey?

    What is identify theft, and how can you protect yourself?

    How do you judge the intentions and impact of people’s words and actions online?


    Unit 2 - Introduction to Social Studies

    Essential Questions:

    How can we evaluate if sources are relevant and credible?

    How do maps and timelines help us organize and understand our place in the world?

    What are the characteristics of culture?


    Unit 3 - River Valley Civilizations

    Essential Questions:

    What is the secret to a civilization's success?

    How did physical geography influence the location and success of early civilizations?

    How did systems of power and authority lead to the success of early civilizations?

    How did the creation of social levels help lead to the succsss of early civilizations?


    Unit 4 - Ancient Greece and Citizenship

    Essential Questions:

    How did physical geography help to shape ancient Greek culture?

    How did ancient Greek architecture shape modern cities?

    How have the ancient Olympics shaped the modern Olympics?

    How did ancient Greek thinkers shape our modern understanding of the world?

    How did ancient Greek democracy influence the way our government works today?

    What is citizenship, and how can we practice democracy in our modern world?


    Unit 5 - Ancient Rome vs. the United States

    Essential Questions:

    Is the United States destined to collapse just like the Roman Empire?

    How does geography strengthen or weaken a civilization?

    How can the structure and actions of a goverernment strengthen or weaken a civilization?

    How can different historical events strengthen or weaken a civilization?



    Common Core Reading History Standards

    C3 Social Studies Standards