• PE Rules & Expectations:


    All rules and expectations fall under the following three categories: 


    Be Safe:

    1. Be aware of others during activity or when practicing skills. 
    2. Keep hands, feet, and equipment to yourself.
    3. Follow directions and rules given by teacher.
      • If not sure, please ask.
    4. Tell the teacher immediately if sick or injured
      • If sent to nurse, they will decide on appropriate action. 
      • Bring a note from a parent/guardian or doctor if unable to play


    Be Respectful:

    1. Listen when teacher and others are talking.
      • Raise hand to talk.
      • Wait turn to talk without interrupting others
    2. Stop, look and listen when whistle is blown.
    3. Handle equipment as intended or directed by teacher.
    4. Share equipment with others.
    5. Practice Good Sportsmanship – win or lose
    6. Play fair:
      • Do not fight or interfere with the practice or play of others.
      • Be helpful and kind, thinking of others feelings.


    Be Here and Ready:

    1. Wear PE gym shoes with Velcro or shoelaces.
    2. Wear clothing that is appropriate for PE, that does NOT reveal undergarments or midriff when moving.
    3. Walk into class quietly and sit in attendance spot.
    4. Come to class with a great attitude ready to participate to the best of ability.
    5. Try to use bathroom before or after class.