• FAQs About Conrady’s ASSETs Program  

    What is ASSETs?                                                                                      Conrady Logo

    • After School Student Enrichment Teams


    What are the benefits of attending ASSETs?

    • Improved academic performance 
    • Preparation for high school, college, and career 
    • Intensive intervention program that focuses on important skills for reading and math. 
    • Highly qualified Conrady teachers 
    • Individualized, small group instruction for free
    • Free transportation home


    How are students selected?

    • We examine historical data (national, state, local, etc.)
      • Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR), iReady, NWEA MAP, ACCESS (for language proficiency), quarterly and unit assessments
      • Looking at most recent scores first, then previous scores.
    • The number of students in ASSETs is determined by how many teachers are available to teach the program.


    What does a day in ASSETs look like?




    • Teacher-led small group instruction
    • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening every day
    • Strategies for developing academic English language
    • Fast ForWord learning program for developing reading in English
    • Reading Plus blended learning program
    • Teach and reinforce grade-specific reading,  writing, and language standards
    • Model and implement ELA strategies and skills
    • Develop and expand students’ vocabularies
    • 15-20 minutes on ixl.com. 
    • 20-30 minutes of collaborative problem solving using reasoning and modeling practices
    • 20-25 minutes playing math games to promote mathematical fluency

    All skills covered will be in support of classroom skills.


    What else should I know?

    • October 15 - March 19
      • Monday - Thursday
      • 2:30-3:45
    • Students get a free snack after school
    • Bus transportation home is free
    • Car riders get picked up at the front entrance
    • If your child is in attendance for the regular school day but will be missing ASSETs, you must call the school office to let the secretaries know. 233-4500


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