Class Information

    Social Studies - Mr. Griffith / Mr. Mateja


    • Students will have a positive and educational learning experience
    • Students will be acknowledged for each of their individual efforts
    • Parents will be contacted for child’s poor performance/failing grades
    • Teacher will return e-mails or phone messages within one working day


    • The first two weeks begin with Digital Citizenship
    • Illinois C3 Framework Standards: Civics, Geography, Economics, & History
    • IL C3 Framework Inquiry: Develop question, Evaluate Source, Apply Concept, Take Action
    • IL ELA Standards for S.S.: Key Idea, Craft/Structure, Integration of Ideas, Text Complexity
    • Webb's Depth of Knowledge: Recall, Skill/Concept, Thinking/Reasoning, & Ext. Thinking


    • Assessments will be project or portfolio-based
    • Most assignments will be completed in class
    • Assignments include online activities and e-worksheets & projects
    • Excessive missing assignments result in parental contact