• At Home Games:


    Below is a list of options that you could choose to do at home with little to no equipment.


    Warm or Cold Weather:

    Ride bikes, scooters, skateboards

    Riding around your neighborhood is a good way to improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength.  It is a good opportunity to socialize with friends and family as well.

    Jog or walk

    This is a great way to improve cardiovascular strength without equipment.  You could jog around your block, park, or forest preserve.

    Run a relay race with friends

    If you don’t want to run by yourself, set up a fun relay race with friends.  It could include doing exercises at each exchange or doing different movements. (skip, hop, gallop, etc.)

    Build an obstacle course

    This is something fun that is only limited by your imagination.  Build a small course in your home, or a large one in your yard / park.

    Jump Rope or Hula Hoop

    These are both great activities that include both cardio and muscular strength with little equipment.

    Play Catch

    This can be done inside or out with multiple types of toys.  Throw a football, baseball, frisbee, or any other toy. A good way to practice catching and throwing skills.

    Play Tag games 

    These are fun to keep moving while being with friends.  Play freeze tag, pacman, sharks and minnows, or capture the flag.

    Go to the park

    The park is a pre-made obstacle course waiting to be used for free.  Go out and have fun.

    Tic Tac Toe / Hopscotch 

    Use sidewalk chalk to make a game of hopscotch tic tac toe.  Make teams and take turns with your friends running back and forth to place a piece. 

    When it's snowing

    In the winter you can still have fun outside.  Some fun ideas include: building a snowman, sledding, and any other outside game. 

    When it's summer time

    In the heat of the summer you also have fun outside.  Some ideas include: swimming, playing in the sprinklers, water gun or balloon fights.