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    Math Fact Shoot Out  This is a great game where you can decide if you want to work in addition or subtraction and you can pick your level.  Level 3 (the hardest level) had regrouping problems with the addition game. Check it out!

    Add The Dice Game  This is an excellent game for students to practice adding three digits or more!  They can also choose if they want to add using the dots on the dice or numbers. They can add up to five digits together if they are in for a challenge!  Check it out!

    Tug Boat Subtraction Test your speed by playing this game.  Try and beat the computer by answering the subtraction problems faster and win the tug a war!

    Missing Addend Space Invaders!  If you are a fan of the old game Space Invaders, have your child check this out!  They have to solve the missing addend to blast the aliens out of the sky!

    Comparing Numbers  Here is a great game that allows the student to practice using the greater than/less than/equal symbols when comparing numbers.