Remote Learning Information

  • Dear 2nd Grade Families,


    On Tuesday, April 14th, Oak Ridge will continue Remote Learning.  As the district communicated with you, all second grade students are expected to complete the Remote Learning activities every day.  This will help students continue to practice previously taught skills and will help students learn new skills moving forward.  


    Following the IL state guidelines set by the “Illinois State Board of Education,” students will now receive a grade in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  


    The grades will be marked using a Meets/Incomplete System.  



    Your child completes the specific assignment to his/her full potential,  with work that is all or mostly correct.

    Your child does not complete the assignment. Little effort was made. Most work is wrong. 

    *If your child receives an incomplete score, your teacher will provide feedback, and your child can re-do the assignment one more time to improve his/her score. 

    Each week, we will specifically label the assignment(s) that we are taking for a grade and directions for how to submit the assignment to your child’s teacher.  


    Please continue to send us pictures of the learning activities your child completes so the teachers can provide student feedback before your child is given the graded assignment(s).


    Thank you,

    The 2nd Grade Teachers