Pre-K Daily Schedule

  • This school year will look very different compared to others. 


    At School:

    Each day we will follow a consistent daily routine. This will allow the children to feel secure in knowing what will come next at school as well as giving them control over their environment because they are aware of the routine.  Our routine will look like the following below. 

    At Home: 

    Some of children this year will be following us five days a week at home, while others will be at home two or three days.  I would like to do my best to proviide you with the same support and consistent daily routine that we follow at school.  What we learn in the classroom is the same as what I will be sending home to learn.  It is my goal to have a smooth transition between the home and school environments each day.  



    Individual Toys 

    Circle Time-Calendar, Weather, Question of the day

    Bathroom Break


    Small Group Activities/Instruction

    Center Time-Choice Time

    Large Group Activities-Gross Motor

    Story Time