• Goals of the Music Program

    Students will become comfortable performing so that singing or playing an instrument become activities that they can continue throughout their life.

    Students will be musically literate.

    Students will become intelligent , informed and articulate consumers of music, capable of recognizing and appreciating a wide variety of musical styles, ensembles and activities.

    Music Curruculum for Grades 2-5

    The curriculum for Music in grades 2-5 involves study and skill development in five main areas:

    Vocal Development
    Rhythmic Development
    Instrumental Development
    Theory and Notation
    Music History and Appreciation


    Grades are given each semester in grades 2-5.

    Grades 2-5 will receive a standards based number grade which is determined by effort (preparation and participation) and understanding of musical concepts. The grading scale is as follows:

    4-Consistently Exceeding Your child independently extends and applies key concepts, processes and skills

    3-Meeting Your child demonstrates a solid understanding of key concepts, processes and skills

    2-Approaching Your child is progressing toward an understanding of key concepts, processes and skills but performance is inconsistent

    1-Area of Concern Your child has made minimal progress toward an understanding of key concepts, processes and skills; requires additional time and support

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