Building Vocabulary and Listening Skills
    -Play "I Spy" with your child while waiting in line at the store, doctor's office, or just about anywhere.  Here's how you play:  Think of an object in close vicinity to your child.  Then use words describing the object without saying the object's name.  Your child will have to use deductive reasoning skills in addition to his/her language skills to identify the object.  Many times children can identify/describe an object by pointing, but need to be taught the words to name/describe what they see.
    -When playing or doing something with your child, talk "like a sportscaster".  For example, if you are making dinner and your child is watching, talk about the steps you're taking to make dinner, such as "I'm cracking the eggs on the edge of the bowl.  I need to make sure the shells don't fall into the bowl."
    -Play "Simon Says".
    -If you give a child directions, ask him/her to repeat what s/he has to do.
    -Do not allow your child to point to something s/he wants.  Make him/her name the object and use the object's name in a complete sentence.


    Building Math Skills
    -Have your child randomly count as high as s/he can go.  Correct any mispronunciations.
    -Tell your child a number and have him/her show you that many using pennies or crayons.
    -Look for a specific number aisle in a store.
    -If you have to set the table for a meal, have your child help you.  This builds one-to-one correspondence.
    -Ask your child what shapes they see around them.