• Be Safe

    1. Keep a safe distance from others when practicing skills
    2. Keep hands to self
    3. Follow rules as established by teacher for safe play

    Be Caring and Respectful

    1. No talking when teacher is talking
    2. Handle equipment as intended or directed by teacher
    3. Return equipment with care, no throwing or dropping
    4. Respond to others with kind words
    5. Use Good Sportsmanship – be polite whether you win or lose
    6. Demonstrate Fairplay – follow game rules, accept ref calls with grace

    Be Here and Ready

    1. Wear gym shoes with Velcro or shoelaces (some means to tighten shoe)
    2. Remove jewelry or any item attached to self or clothing that could fall off and cause harm to another person.
    3. Wear clothing that is appropriate for movement and when moving around does NOT reveal undergarments or midriff.
    4. Have Health folder and assignments when requested by Teacher.

    General Rules

    1. Ask permission to leave gyms
    2. Enter and leave gym walking quietly
    3. Participation in PE is expected unless excused by a note from parent or doctor if longer than 2 days.