• Frequently Asked Questions:

    How often does my child have PE?

    Students have PE three days a week for 42 minutes.
    What types of activities will my child be participating in this year?
    Students will participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year including but not limited to: football, soccer, scooters, basketball, badminton, volleyball, make-a-game, kick ball, wiffle ball, jump rope, cooperative games, fitness, and a challenge unit.

    Through these activities the students will be learning about spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor skills, manipulative skills, gross motor movements, communication and teamwork.

    How is my child graded in PE?

    There are several factors that go into your student’s physical education grade. Students are graded on their participation, daily attitude and behavior, being prepared for class (proper gym shoes), performance on skills tests and occasional health assignments.

    The easiest way to succeed in PE class at Oak Ridge is to come to class prepared everyday and to put forth a good effort in the daily activities. A positive attitude goes a long way. It is important to understand that you don’t have to be the best athlete in the class to get an “A.” If you participate and try your best, you will do just fine!

    What are some ways to help my child stay physically active and healthy?

    · Help your children develop good physical activity habits at an early age by setting a good example yourself. Practice heart-healthy habits.

    · Limit television, movies, videos and computer games to less than two hours a day. Substitute the rest of leisure time with physical activity. Plan family outings and vacations that involve vigorous activities such as hiking, bicycling, skiing, swimming, etc.

    · Give your children some household chores that require physical exertion, keeping in mind their levels of strength, coordination and maturity. Mowing lawns, raking leaves, scrubbing floors and taking out the garbage not only teach responsibility but can be good exercise as well.