• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Welcome to the Oak Ridge Elementary School Physical Education webpage. We are excited for yet another successful and fun year with your student(s). Please take a few moments to read and review the following letter regarding the physical education program at Oak Ridge Elementary.

    Our goal is to make the physical education setting one of an exciting, positive, fun, challenging, and educational place where students look forward to participating. We will accomplish this by incorporating a variety of activities into the curriculum including traditional sport, skill development, life-long activities, and fitness. All students at Oak Ridge will be given the opportunity to be involved in activities which expand and educate the mind, as well as, the body. It is our intention to make the physical education experience as rewarding for our students as it is for us as educators. In addition to the physical development of our students, we strive to teach aspects of education such as teamwork, cognitive development, social skills, and character development needed to be productive members of our school and our society.

    If this does not sound like the physical education experience you had as a youth, then you are probably correct. We are trying to get away from all of the traditional sport and game activities that have caused many students to lose interest in physical education classes. Instead we are implementing innovative teaching strategies and activities to make each student’s experience positive. All students are asked to participate to the best of their abilities while involved in physical education classes. An emphasis is placed on personal development and growth rather than the competitive aspects and social comparisons, which may have been stressed in PE programs of the past.

    We request your help in making your student’s physical education experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible. While a uniform is not required for physical education classes, we do require certain types of attire. First, students must be dressed for class in clothes that are appropriate for movement and activity. Students may wear their normal school attire with the exception of improper footwear. Gym shoes are required to participate as they allow students to be safe while active. In no way are we implying that students are required to purchase shoes just for physical education classes. However, we simply encourage parents to make the effort to make the physical education experiences of their student as enjoyable as possible by allowing them to participate and be safe while in class.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.


    Jonathan Towner and Kenn Gesiakowski