• Class Procedures & Expectations

    1. Students must be prepared for P.E class every day. You should bring athletic clothing which could include the following: t-shirt or sweatshirt (must be a crew neck pullover, no collars, no buttons, no zippers); athletic shoes, athletic socks, athletic shorts with a minimum 5 inch inseam ("runner" shorts can be worn with visible spandex shorts underneath), sweatpants, warm-up pants (no zippers, no buttons, no denim). Your P.E teachers reserve the right to determine if your attire is appropriate or inappropriate for P.E class.

    a. Athletic shoes must be appropriate to use on our gymnasium floors. They also must be tied properly. Shoes should be tied in the locker room and not while we are exercising or running. If we think that you may be tying your shoes waste time while running, a markdown will be given.

    b. Wearing other students P.E clothes is unsanitary, therefore, not allowed. If caught, both students will receive a markdown.

    c. Jewelry cannot be worn during P.E class for various safety reasons. Jewelry includes necklaces, watches, earrings, etc. If earrings are worn, they must be taped every single day.

    d. Deodorant of some type is encouraged for sanitary and hygiene purposes.  

    2. All possessions must be kept in your locked up P.E locker during and after class is finished. Nothing should
    be left lying on the floors or benches. If you do not lock up all of your belongings, it is at your own risk.

    *The best idea is to leave your money, watches,expensive jewelry, cell phones or any other valuables at home or in your hall locker.*

    3. Everyone must use an official Conrady P.E lock on his/her P.E locker. If not it will be removed. All 6th graders will receive an official Conrady lock from their P.E teacher. Both 7th & 8th graders may use their Conrady locks from previous years. If you need to purchase a lock because you lost your lock the price is $4.50.

    4. Each P.E student will be assigned a small P.E locker.

    a. Locker switching or sharing is not allowed

    b. The large lockers will be assigned to some athletes to use during his/her season. The large lockers should not be used unless assigned by a PE teacher.

    c. You must always know your PE lock combination. DO NOT let anyone else know your combination or leave your lock, "ready to pull open." 

    5. Gum, candy, food, or beverages are not allowed. These items should not be brought in the locker rooms, gymnasiums, or playing fields. Plain water is the ONLY exception.

    6. You must always know your P.E lock combination. Do not let anyone else know it.

    a. You should also have your lock’s serial number recorded for future reference.

    b. Do NOT leave your lock (ready to pull open) on the last combination number


    7. An acceptable noise level and proper behavior is expected at all times in the foyers, locker rooms, gymnasiums, and playing fields.

    8. No student may enter or leave the locker rooms at any time without permission from a P.E teacher. (Exception: If you are a member of a school sport team having a practice or game; or you are involved in an Open Gym activity, then you are allowed in the locker room after school)

    9. Avoid tardiness to P.E class and/or related P.E activities. Continual tardiness will result in disciplinary action and/or your quarterly grade can be affected.

    10. Medically excused students must have an authorization note from a doctor or parent to be officially excused from P.E class (without penalty to your quarterly grade). The note must indicate the specific days you will not participate in P.E. Parent notes may not exceed three days.

    a. If you are injured or sick and want to be excused from P.E without penalty, you still must dress for P.E and then you will be sent to the nurse.

    b. Anybody who has a note to be excused from P.E class must present the note to his/her P.E teacher immediately upon entering the locker room.

    c. Students who are medically excused must complete an alternative activity/assignment chosen by your P.E teacher.
    d. Student's not able to participate in P.E. class, will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular physical activities. 

    11. Do Not Enter the P.E teachers’ office unless you are invited to come in. Knock on the door if you have a question. Please do not ask if we need to get dressed for class. Assume we dress every day unless told otherwise.

    12. Do Not Enter the P.E equipment rooms unless you are asked to enter by a P.E teacher or a coach.

    *Never touch any P.E equipment without first receiving instructions, directions, or permission from a P.E teacher or coach.*

    13. Vandalism will not be tolerated at Conrady. Writing on walls or floors, etc., pounding on or kicking lockers or bleachers, abusing athletic equipment, etc will result in disciplinary action.

    *Abuse of P.E equipment and materials is unnecessary and wasteful. Care should be taken to preserve and protect what belongs to our school. Use equipment only for its intended purpose.*

    14. School is a place where abusive, vulgar, and obscene language is not tolerated. Self control and self discipline will be necessary to develop a better choice of words to communicate.

    15. When a teacher is speaking to the class, all talk and activity should stop immediately. When you hear the teacher’s whistle blow, the same rule applies, unless specified otherwise.

    16. Sitting on top of the bleachers when they’re closed is not allowed.

    17. There is no time to waste in the locker room. You should do four things only:

    a) Get dressed (near your P.E locker only)

    b) Lock up all of your belongings

    c) Use the restroom (ONLY IF NEEDED!)

    d) Exit locker room to gymnasium and begin walking.

    18. Any problems, questions, and/or concerns that may arise during P.E class should be presented to your P.E teacher in a timely manner.