• Dealing with Angry Feelings

    Anger is a natural feeling that all people experience at one time to another in their lives.  How we deal with this feeling can be healthy or unhealthy.  Here are some ideas to help your child deal successfully with things that may cause them frustration.

    1.  Stop, if possible, remove yourself from the thing that is making you angry.
    2.  Take a deep breath.
    3.  Say what is making you angry
    4.  Do something that makes you feel better
          a. take a walk
          b. listen to music
          c.  talk to an adult
          d.  talk to a friend
          e.  What makes you feel better?

    Asking for Help
    It is okay to ask for help. Sometimes other people have different ideas and information that might help to make your task easier.

    To ask for help you:

    1. Recognize you need help.

    2. Think of who can help.

    3. Move close to the person.

    4. Say the person's name.

    5. Ask in a friendly voice. Tell the person what you need help with.

    6. Say: "Thank you."

    Dealing with Mistakes

    Making mistakes is O.K. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

    To deal with a mistake, you:

    1. Take a deep breath.

    2. Keep calm.

    3. Think "It's a mistake; I can handle it."

    4. Choose:

    a. Ask for help.

    b. Try again.

    c. Admit your mistake, apologize and try to correct it.

    d. Accept another's apology.

  • PreK - 1st Grade
    Children at this age are beginning to label and recognize feelings within themselves and others. Being able to do so aides appropriate problem solving and empowers them to find effective and healthy ways to change uncomfortable, strong feelings. Undertanding and recognizing how others feel builds empathy skills and ultimately contirbutes to a stronger ability to work with and get along with peers.
    One effective technique for teaching young children how to calm down when experiencing uncomfortable feelings is to
    1. Put your hand on your belly and say "STOP"!
    2. Name your feeling  ("I feel ......sad, mad, frustrated")
    3. Take a belly breath
    Using simple techniques such as the one listed above, allows a child the opportunity to calm their strong feelings so they can make appropriate and safe choices when expressing themselves. 
  • 2nd - 5th Grade
  • 6th - 8th Grade