• Physical Education Grading System



    There are 4 parts of your child's Physical Education grade:

    1. Participation                                                                                                    

    2. Written and Skill Assessments

    3. Cooperation

    4. Preparation


    • Exhibits a desire to improve physical fitness & athletic skills 

    • Demonstrates maximum effort and focus in all classroom activities

    • Uses time effectively when given the opportunity to practice and improve

    • Performs the variety of stretches, exercises, and athletic activities given in class in a manner that will be beneficial to personal fitness

    Written and Skill Assessments:

    • Demonstrates progress in personal physical fitness

    • Performs well on physical skill assessments and unit tests


    • Avoids arguments & fighting

    • Encourages respect for self and others 

    • Makes effort towards good decision making 

    • Cooperates with peers and teachers

    • Exhibits good sportsmanship

    • Plays within the rules of all games and activities

    • Avoids talking while teacher or another student is talking 

    • Avoids gum or candy in class




    Students must dress according to the P.E. classroom procedures and expectations.