• The art classroom is a place where you are to use your creative skills to solve visual problems. It is my goal to make sure you have the best creative experience possible this quarter.  It is NOT a place where you only come to play or socialize with your friends.  The environment should be a safe place where you can express yourself and learn about art using the materials provided to you. 

    6th Grade Visual Communication – This class will introduce students to multidisciplinary art making in the middle school setting.  Students will develop art vocabulary and language skills while problem solving through creative processes.  Students will begin to investigate various media, developing and improving skills in drawing, painting, mixed media, and sculpture. 

    7th Grade Cultural Art  - This course focuses on increasing cultural understanding through, multi-media art projects and written reflection.  Students will have the opportunity to explore world cultures through art history and architecture, and develop creative skills through painting, sculpture, drawing and ceramics.  Students will learn how artists and their works have shaped culture and society past and present. 

    8th Grade Drawing and Painting – This is a skill-based class that stresses creativity and reflective practice. Students will develop skills related to proportion, life drawing, color theory and texture.  Applications of a variety of tools and media will be used to create specific effects. Students will work on projects at their level of interest, skill and experience aiming to grow as a creative problem solver.