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    Sight Word Games


    Dear Families,

              Children will be graded on the sight word list.    I am going to suggest some games/ideas that you can do at home to help your child have fun learning these words!  If you have any questions or ever need another list or flashcards, please let me know!  233-7872


    • Memory game:  cut out the flashcards and lay them out on the floor or on a table.  Each person takes a turn flipping over two words.  They read the words, if they match, that player takes the cards and goes again.  If they do not match, flip the cards back over and the next player takes their turn.  Repeat until all cards are picked up.  The winner is the player with the most cards.
    • Oopps:  Put all of the flashcards into a bucket.  With some extra paper cut out about 8 more cards the same size and write Oopps!!! on them.  Player one starts by pulling one card out of the bucket.  If they can read the card, they keep it and take another turn until they get a word they can not read or they pull an Oopps card.  If they do not know the word, they put it back in the bucket and the next player takes their turn.  If you pull an Oopps card, you keep the card, but the next player gets to go.
    • Grab the Word: (You need at least three people for this one) One set of the sight words on the floor face up.  One person will call out a word.  The other two hunt for the word on the floor.  The first person to find the word grabs it and gets to keep it.  The player at the end that has the most words wins. 
    • Hangman:  Play the traditional game of hangman on scrap paper, chalkboard, dry erase board, etc.  Have the set of flashcards available for you or your child to use to pick for the undiscovered word.  *If you are unfamiliar with this game and need more direction, please let me know!
    • Word Scramble:  Take one word, and write each letter on a separate piece of paper (I would suggest cutting a 3x5 index card in half).  Give your child the letter cards for that word and ask them to put them together to create the word.  You can tell them what the word is going to be or make it harder and not tell them what the word is.  You can have the list of words available for them to try to problem solve what word it is.  I store each word separately in either a zip lock bag or an envelope.
    • Make a Sentence:  Lay your words all out and see if your child can make sentence with them.  Example:  I can play.  Will you play with me? etc.  I am also sending home picture cards that will allow for more sentence ideas like:  I like the (picture of a sun).  One of the parents told me she printed the words from her computer onto magnets, cut them up and has her daughter make sentences on the fridge!


    *If you have any great ideas that work with your child, I would love to hear about it and pass it along to all of the families!


    **Please feel free to add on more words if your child has mastered these!  Color and number words are a great place to start!


    Have fun!