• Helping With Math At Home

    1. Practice writing numbers - start at 0 and see how hight they can go, use finger paces between numbers

    2. Practice counting to 100 from various numbers, try to avoid always starting at 0

    3. Give your child a number and have them tell you the next three, or what comes right before or right after that number

    4. Allow your child to use their fingers or small objects to find the answers to math equations

    5. Play games such as: " If I have 4, how many do I need to get to 5?" or "If I have 6, how many do I need to get to 10?"

    6. There are lots of aps that are geared toward kindergarten math facts or concepts

    7.  Look for circles, hexagons, squares, triangles, rectangles, spheres, cubes, cylinders, and cones

    8. Give your child a few shapes to describe to you and play games that require them to sort the objects according to similarities (size, color, shape, number of sides, number of corners,...)

    9. Give your child a variety of toys or small objects and see how many different ways you can sort the piles

    10. Have your child count everything- choosing fruit at the grocery store, train cars at the trainstop, how many times they can hop or jump in place, the number or silverware the dinner table, ....