• 1. Make flash cards to keep in the car or in various areas around the house, flip through a few words each day

    2. Place a couple word cards in areas around the house that the child can read quickly to you. For example: one or two on their dinner plate, tape around the bathroom mirror before brushing teeth, tape to frequently used doors that they can read before exiting the room,...

    3. Build words using playdough, alphabet stamps, crayons in different colors, markers or paint

    4. Trace in sand, rice, or fill a ziploc with tempra paint and let the child "fingerpaint" the words

    5. Play memory games, you will need two sets of the words, limit to about five words so there aren't too many words to match with each game

    6. Make sure it is a fun, encouraging activity. Stop and come back later if your child becomes frustrated. It is better to have shorter, more meaningful sessions than long, frustrating ones

    7. There are lots of aps for smartphones that target kindergarten sight words/ high frequency words

    8. Cut out letters off cereal boxes and have the child build the sight words with various letters

    9. Say the word, Cheer the letters in each word in a fun way, say it again

    10. Practice alphabetizing the word cards, give your child 4-5 letters and help them alphabetize them

    11.  Use flashcards, place a sparkly sticker on the ones the child masters, they like to see how many times they can read it

    12. Write the sight word on an index card or paper, run a long bead of white glue over each word and allow to dry. This creates a raised letter that students can run their fingers across.