• Sorrick Rules
    The Sorrick School rules are:
    1. Be Safe
    2. Be  Respectful
    3. Be Ready to Learn
    Our Classroom Rules
    1. Follow directions the first time
    2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself 
    3. Be on time and ready to learn
    4. Raise your hand to be given recognition
    Cougar Team tickets will be handed out by hallway, recess and lunchroom supervisors when they find your child following the school rules ( ex. walking in the hallways). I will also be giving out cougar team tickets through out the week. Your child will put the tickets they earn in a basket on my desk, which will be emptied into a canvas bag outside of my classroom. Mrs. Hanson, school social worker, will pull 2 tickets/winners from the bag every Friday. Those winners will be rewarded with a special prize. 
    The Traffic Light system will be used to help manage behavior. All of the students are expected to follow the classroom rules and remain on green light. If your child needs to be reminded multiple times to follow the rules, he/she will be put on yellow light. Red light is only used when a child completely disregards the rules and knows what the expectations are in the class. You will be contacted if your child is on red light.
    At the end of each day, your child will be fill out on their behavioral chart what color they received. Parents need to sign the chart on Friday and the chart is returned to school on Monday