• As students walk into the classroom, I have daily work at their tables. This work focuses on reading and math skills we are practicing together. If students are unable to finish this work, it will be sent home as homework. I will send a homework packet at the start of the week. Please work with your child so they can practice our math lessons at home. It is due at the end of the week, please make sure it is stapled together with their name at the top. 
    In addition here is a list of suggestions to work on throughout the week:
    1. Children should read level appropriate books with an adult - everyday
    2. Adult should read higher level books and talk with their child about the text everyday (see "tips for reading" for different types of conversations to have)
    3. Practice counting to 100
    4. Practice giving the next three numbers starting anywhere on the number line
    5. Review sight words
    6. Practice pencil grip, handwriting and letter/number formation as needed
    7. Sound out words and have the child tell you the sounds they hear in the word, this may take lots of practice, you are looking for sounds not accurate spellings
    8. Practice simple addition and subtraction facts using their fingers as needed, start with facts to 5 then move to 10
    9. Sort a random group of objects into different groups and be able to explain how they were sorted
    10. Sorting can include 2-D and 3-D, number of sides and corners, color, size, ...
    11. Name 2-D and 3-D shapes and describe (sides, corners,...)
    12. Review Jolly Phonics sounds, I have found some of the songs on Youtube, preview first to make sure it is correct