•  Teacher Information:
    pic for website Degrees: I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education with a Middle School Endorsement from Saint Xavier University in 2006.  In 2008, I further earned my Master of Arts in Reading from Saint Xavier.
    Teaching Experience: I am excited to embark upon my 14th year of teaching at Conrady Junior High School as an English Language Arts teacher! I conducted my student teaching at Conrady and have been teaching at this amazing school since.  I also taught a graduate level education course at Concordia University. 
    Papers/Conferences: As a member of the Honors Program at Saint Xavier, I submitted a paper entitled Multiple Intelligences and the Procrustean Bed of Education: A Reconceptualization of the Paradigms of Intelligence in Academia and presented the paper at a conference in April of 2006. I also co-published a paper with Dr. Mary Beth Campbell from Saint Xavier University, entitled "The Secondary Literacy Coaching Model: Centrality of the Standards and Emerging Paradigms." The paper was published in the Summer 2010 issue of The Journal of Reading Education. I also co-published another article "Negotiating the Role of Change Agent: Challenges Faced by U.S. High School Literacy Coaches" which was accepted for publication in the Fall 2011 Reading Professor Journal.
    Professional Development Presentations:  
    • Presentation of Extended Response Writing using T-K-E-I-E (Topic Sentence, Key Idea-Explain-Infer-Extend), Conrady Junior High School, December 2008
    • Presentaton of SIOP Strategies with Mariola Aranda and Lena Noful, Conrady Junior High School, December 1, 2010
    • Presentation of Part 1: Reading History Standards to Social Studies Department at Conrady Junior High School, October 2015
    • Presentatin of Part 2: Reading History Standards to Social Studies Department at Hickory Creek Middle School, April 7, 2016
    • Presentation of S-A-L-T-Y-P Strategy for Literature and Informational Analysis at the Southland Conference, August 2016 
    • Presentation to Glen Oaks Staff, "Plan Time Tutoring: A Review of the Program," December 2016
    • Presentation to Conrady Staff, "Using Technology to Support Vocabulary Formative Assesssments in the ELA and Social Studies Classroom, January 2017 Institute Day Presentation  
    • Presenatation of Vocabulary Formative Assesments at the 2017 Southland Conference
    • Presented with Jamie Albon at the 2018 Illinois Association for Gifted Learners, "Vocabulary Formative Assessments for Gifted and Honors Students: Using Technology and a Hands-on Approach to Promote Vocabulary Acquisition"
    • Presented with Jamie Albon at the 2018 Southland Conference, "Getting to the Core of Common Core"
    • Presented with Jamie Albon at the Chicago Foundation for Educators Conference, "Getting to the Core of Common Core," November, 2018
    • Presented at 2019 Southland Learning Conference with Jamie Albon, "Bueller? Bueller? Tired of Waiting for Students to Raise Their Hands? Raise Student Accountability and Literacy Success"

    About Me:

    I absolutely love teaching at Conrady. I feel this place is a second home to me, considering that I’ve been a teacher here for 14 years and I completed my student teaching here as well.  I love the people, the students, and the high standards for excellence!

    I also love family, food, and fashion! When I am not grading papers or working on lesson plans, most of my time is spent with my family.  I am an aunt to five beautiful kids! 

    While I love teaching literature and writing, I also believe it is important for me to be a role model to my students and to set an example of what it means to be a thoughtful, caring person. One of the most important things I strive to impart to my students is to be kind to one another. The world is a far friendlier place when we are kind and respectful to one another. I am always looking for ways to incorporate good character development into my ELA teaching practice. 

    I look forward to a great year learning about my students and their families.