• Frequently Asked Questions for Sixth Grade Parents and Students


    1.   What do I do if I lose my schedule?

    a. To begin with, be sure to keep a copy of it in your assignment notebook.  

    b. You should also be able to use Schoology via your Chromebook to find out your schedule.  

    2.  What do I do if I forget my locker combination?  

    Check with the office before or after school.  You can also check with your classroom teachers; they may have access to it too.  

    3.  What do I do if I lose my lock?

    Go to the office. You will need $4.50 to replace your lock.  

    4.  What do I do if I forgot my lunch money?

    If you forget your lunch money, you can ask the cafeteria staff for an IOU.  They will allow you to take a lunch as long as you bring money the following day. If the money is not paid back the following day, the student’s name will be reported to the office.  At this time, it will be handled by the office staff. 

        5.  How do I keep track of my homework?

    a. Make sure to write your homework down in your assignment notebook at the start of each class.

    b. Check your Schoology calendar.  Teachers update their homework calendar daily and weekly.

    c.  If you are completely unsure, email your teachers.


    6.  When can I stop at my locker?

    You are able to stop at your locker before your first period class as well as after school before leaving for the day.  During the course of the day, you may stop at your locker during each passing period as long as you have time to do so.  It is better to make a schedule for yourself so that you go to your locker three times a day.

    7.  When can I use the bathrooms?

    You should use the bathroom before school, during lunch or homeroom, and after school.  In an emergency, you can ask your teacher if you can use the bathroom.

    8.  How do I find teacher websites?

    You can find your teacher websites by accessing the district website.  Select “Conrady” from the school tab at the top.  From the Conrady page, there is a “directory” where you can find the names of each of your teachers- There is also a Team 62 Page.

     9.  Who do I talk to if I am having problems with another student?

    If you are having problems with another student you can talk to your teacher, school social worker, your parents, or the dean. 

    10. What if I forget something on the bus?

    If you forget something on the bus, report your missing items to the office. 

    11. If I don’t have any homework, what should I do?

    • First, double check your assignment notebook and Schoology calendar just in case you have forgotten anything.
    • Next, make sure you do not have any long term projects in any of your classes.  If you do not have homework for the evening, you should work on those projects. 
    • Otherwise you should read your IRT book or practice math facts at home.

    12. Can I have my phone with me in class?

    You may have your phone with you during the day, but it needs to be powered off.  You are only allowed to use your cell phone with teacher permission each time you use your phone.

    13. When can I find out about extracurricular activities?

    You can find out about extracurricular activities by listening to the morning or afternoon announcements. 

       14. What do I do if I forgot my Chromebook at home or it is not charged?

    a. If you forgot your Chromebook at home, ask your first period teacher if you can call home to see if it can be brought in for you.  If not, you will have to report to the Media Center for a daily loaner.  Keep in mind there are a limited amount of daily loaners.  If the Media Center does not have any, you will not have access to a Chromebook for the day.  

    b. If your Chromebook is not charged and able to be used, you will have to report to the Media Center for a daily loaner. Again, there is a limited amount of daily loaners.  Please note repeated incidences with forgotten Chromebooks (charged as well) will cause you to receive consequences.  Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for clarification of the consequences.

    15. What should I do over summer to prepare for 6th grade?

    There are many things you can do to prepare for sixth grade over the summer:

    a.   Read at least 20 minutes a day a variety of material: newspapers, books, pamphlets, etc. 

    b.   Memorize math facts like multiplication

    c.   Review material like vocabulary from previous years

    d.   Practice a combination lock

    e. Go to typing websites for practice using the home keys (a,s,d,f; j,k,l, ;/:)


    1.   What do I do if my child is absent from school?

    If your child is absent from school, make sure to call the attendance line at 708-598-5743 and dial 2 for Conrady to report an absence.  You can check your child's Schoology account to see any work your child may have missed.  If there isn't any homework on the Schoology account, you will need to request homework when you call in and pick up the absent work in the office between 3:00 and 4:30. Also, encourage your child, if he or she is up to it, to email their teacher during the course of the day to check for any homework.  

    Please note attendance to school plays a major role in your child's academic success.  Although illness is unavoidable, lengthy absences tend to make children feel anxious and overwhelmed upon returning.  If your child is feeling up to it, encourage him/her to contact his/her teacher(s) about make-up work.  After three consecutive absences, feel free to contact your child's teacher to develop a plan in order to help him/her feel less anxious and overwhelmed upon returning.  

    2.  How can I contact my child’s teacher?

    There are many ways to contact your child’s teacher. 

    Email: The address can be found from the District Webpage.  Select “Conrady” as the school and then go to directory.

    Phone: The number is 708-598-5721. Enter the extension number of the teacher.  The extensions can be found on the Conrady web page under staff directory.


    3.  How do I help my child be successful at Conrady?

    a.   Check your child's assignment notebook and Schoology calendar nightly.  Homework is generally assigned nightly from any given class.  If your child has finished all his/her homework, he or she can read an IRT book or complete IXLs.  

    b.   Keep open communication with teachers and administrators; many teachers send home emails weekly.  These emails can be very useful in helping your child manage his/her week.

    c.   Ensure nightly homework completion; ask your child to review his/her day with them.  Very often this will help in the event of forgotten homework.  

    d. Make sure to access your child's grades online.  Teachers update their grades daily to weekly.  This will give you a good picture of your child's understanding and mastery of each class's standards in junior high.  

          4. What do I do if my child forgot something at school? 

     If your child forgot something at school, you may bring them back up to school between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 PM. There is a security monitor who may allow them to retrieve the item(s).  If the item is homework or a book, be sure to contact the appropriate teacher in order avoid any homework issues.  Also, if the item is homework, it may be retrievable in your child's Schoology folder.  Please have them check there as well.   


    5.  What do I do if I am bringing a forgotten item from home to school for my child?

     You may come to the main office doors.  After being buzzed in, you must leave the items at the security desk.