Student choices are tracked on a clip chart.  All students begin the day on green in the middle of the chart. Clothespins are moved up or down depending on choices. Clips that are moved down may be moved back up if the teacher sees the student making improved choices. In addition, once a clip is moved up, it may be moved down. All clothespins are moved back to green at the beginning of each day.

    Here is an explanation of each level of our Clip Chart:


    If students move their clip to Outstanding they will also receive an award and choose something from the prize box.

    Students move to Great Choices for making great behavior choices.

    Students move to Good Day for making good behavior choices.

    All students will start the day on Ready to Learn.  They will move up or down the clip chart, depending on their choices.

    Students move their clip to Think About It as a reminder to follow classroom rules.

    When students move to Teacher’s Choice will receive a consequence based on the specific behavior, such as loss of recess or other special privilege.

    If students move their clip to Parent Contact, the teacher will contact a parent or guardian about the behavior.