• I tell all of my students "Just like your teacher's classroom, the gymnasium is my classroom. And it has rules that need to be followed".
    1. ALL students need to have GYM SHOES in order to participate in PE. Please send your child with gym shoes on their scheduled PE days. If they do not have gym shoes, they may have to sit out of certain activities.
    2. Students need to come into the gym and sit quietly on their letters and wait for the teacher. 
    3. Students need to be RESPECTFUL to one another. This means keeping hands and feet to ourself and only saying nice things to other students. If you don't have anyting nice to say, dont say anything at all!
    4. Students need to respect the gym equipment. I tell my students they wouldn't like it if I came and broke their toys at home, so please don't come to gym and break mine.
    5. Students need to show good SPORTSMANSHIP. This is something we work on from the very beginning of the year because students will use this outside of school for the rest of their lives!
                      - "Good game!"
                      - "Nice try!"
                      - "Maybe next time!"
                       - "Thumbs up" 
    5. When whistle blows in PE it means 3 things!
                -Freeze, Quiet, Listen...The teacher is getting ready to speak and everyone needs to pay attention to whats going to happen next!