Classroom Celebrations


    ·        Classroom celebrations and parties are at the discretion of the individual teacher and will depend upon curriculum, academics, and behavior. 


    ·        Tentative celebrations will allow students to spend time with friends under the supervision of their teachers.


    ·        Party activities may include movies, board games, and outdoor field games.


    ·        Students who do not qualify will be placed in a work room to makeup missing work, redo below passing work, or reflect on negative behavior.


    To Qualify


    ·        No office referrals for that quarter.


    ·        All class grades must fall at or above a 78% (C).


    ·        No missing projects, test corrections, or major homework assignments.

    ** Students who have received an excess of lunch detentions for missing work, disruptive behavior, etc. will be placed in a work room to create an action plan for future success
    **There may be cases in which students may meet the above criteria; however, extenuating circumstances may cause a student to be removed from the class party. In these cases, students will be explicitly aware of how to remedy the situation to be eligible in the future.