• Here are our classroom expectations. They are "Mustang Must-Do's" for a safe and caring learning environment. Students who do not follow the expectations will lose minutes off our Friday Fun Day activity. 

    Classroom Expectations


    To Be Safe

    1.             Stay in your seat.

    2.             Always walk.

    3.             Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    To Be Caring

    1.             Say kind words.

    2.             Be polite and helpful.


    To Be Respectful

    1.             Work silently.

    2.             Raise your hand to speak.

    3.             Wait to be called on.

    4.             Follow all directions.


    To Be Here and Ready

    1.             Arrive to school on time.

    2.             Have your homework.

    3.             Do your best work.