•  Sorrick school rules are to BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE READY TO LEARN.

    Classroom Rules:

    The behavior chart below is the chart that I will use throughout the year.  Each day all the children will start with their clip on green, (ready to learn). This means that the children are doing a great job of following directions.  During the day the students can move their clip up or down on the chart based on their behavior.   If the student is working hard and following directions I would have them clip up, if a student makes a poor choice, they would move their clip down the chart.  If the student makes a poor choice this is a way for me to communicate with the student what the expectations are in our classroom, and a time for the student to think about making a better choice.  The students are able to move up or down the chart throughout the day.  The use of this behavior chart gives the student responsibility where they want their clip to be during the day.  


      Students will clip up when they:

    -they follow directions quickly
    -give their very best effort during a lesson
    - are polite and respectful.


     Students will clip down when they:

    -interrupt the classroom when  I am teaching.
    -are disrespectful to another student
    -refuse to do their work



    Clip Chart.jpg