• Classroom ExpectationsDirectory Be respectful to yourself, teachers and peers
    • No, food/drinks or cell phones/ipods in class

    • Food/drinks/water is not allowed in class unless you have explicit permission from the teacher

    • NO cell phones/ipods in class without explicit permission from the teacher.

    • Be Prepared! Come to class prepared with required materials and ideas.  Whenever possible, try to make your creative decisions before the start of class.  Your work period is for just that- work.  Think and plan at home, on the bus, or during homeroom.  Charge your chromebook!

    • Approach learning with a positive attitude

    • Always clean up after yourself and the area around you

    • One voice at a time 

    • Participate 100% in all class activities

    • Use all materials and equipment carefully 


      All students in art must have explicit permission to use technology such as chromebooks, cell phones, ipods, etc. In art, technology is a great learning tool that allows us to research and find visual references for our artistic studies.  Just as we respect all of our art tools, we must take extra care to ensure that the art materials we use in class do not interfere with the functioning of our technology.   The rules and guidelines established by the district must be followed at all times.

      Please Remember… It is your RESPONSIBILITY to clean up after yourself AND to HELP OTHERS!!!