• Classroom Consequences

    Choose Wisely-  
    If you think before you act, you can prevent these consequences from being part of your life.
    First offense Verbal warning from your teacher
    Second offense Consequence will be given (Written assignment, Seat change, or both)
    Third offense – Call home and additional consequence or detention given
    Fourth offense Referral to the dean


    *Gross insubordination of any kind will result in immediate referral to the dean
    Detention Guidelines:  Each student who is issued a detention will be required to complete a written assignment, a service task for a teacher within the discovery department, or other school work.  Discovery teachers may rotate supervision of these detention hours. Detentions may be held before/after school or during a lunch period.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to/from school and reporting to their teacher.  Failing to serve assigned detentions will result in office referrals.