• What we do in Ms. Brudzisz’s Art Class…



    Establish Goals for Success in Art

    ·        Students put forth an effort towards daily goals to be successful

    ·        Students and teacher design project criteria to reinforce skills, vocabulary, and ideas.

    ·        Students respectfully and safely use art materials and equipment. 


    Focus on 21st Century Skills



    ·        Students create unique works of art.

    ·        Students find unique visual solutions to visual problems.


    ·        Students work in groups or as a team to createart.

    Critical Thinking

    ·        Students ask questions and critique works of art.

    ·        Students know how and why an art object was made.


    ·        Students make art that communicates ideas.

    ·        Students talk and share ideas about art in classroom discussions.

    ·        Students lead and assist other students in following directions, rules, and procedures. 


    Incorporate Multicultural Education

    ·        Subject matter, concepts, and themes are considered from multiple perspectives of diverse cultural groups.

    ·        Students construct knowledge of culture from art experiences

    ·        Students examine how art shapes culture and society, past and present.