• Classroom Rules-

    1.     Come prepared and ready to work
    2.  Listen carefully and wait for instructions
    3.  Use time wisely
    4.  Show respect for others
    5.  Treat tools and materials with care
    6.  Be responsible for care of materials, tools and always clean up after yourself



    Three verbal reminders, then students will receive a Behavior Reflection sheet to completed, signed by a parent/guardian and returned the next day.

    Note home, clip down, hole punch, phone call home or Referral Form write up depending on offense/action committed.


    Classroom PBIS- students are given raffle tickets as a reward for demonstrating active participation, caring, trustworthiness and good behavior within the classroom.  Names are drawn at each grade level for monthly raffle prizes from Mrs. Ventura’s Art Treasure Chest.  Smaller rewards are also given to students such as stickers, small toys and free draw or manipulative time in the classroom.